Cultured macadamia nut spread, mac nut yogurts and milks, hard mac nut cheeses.

We make a cultured macadamia nut spread produced with all local, raw, plant-based, and gluten-free ingredients. The spread is a dairy-free cheese-like alternative and is fermented. We currently make 5 flavors and will be expanding our product line in the next few months to include mac nut yogurts and milks, and eventually hard cheeses. We choose to use as many local ingredients as possible to support local farmers and businesses. We use glass jars and offer a return incentive so the jars can be reused to minimize waste.  Our mac nut supplier is located in Captain Cook and grows all of his mac nuts organically and dehydrates them.

Contact: Laura Markham, Markus Fahrenberger
Telephone: 808-825-8485