Herbal teas

We at Naikela Botanicals harness this life source and make it easy for you to experience botanical lifestyle benefits wherever you are. Our raw botanicals are grown in volcanic soil, showered in tropical mists, and energized by the sun: they are fashioned into custom Tea Powder blends; grown on the North Shore of Kauai.

We grow wild harvest, dry and sustainably source the finest botanical ingredients for our formulas. We also enjoy educating and involving the community in sustainable practices. Inside every container of Naikela Botanicals are hand-crafted master blends of plant goodness in powder form.

At Naikela Botanicals we love people and plants. Our goal is to bring botanicals (plant superfoods) to people in easy to use, delicious formulas.

Contact: Cherie Chun Li
Email: naikelabotanicals@gmail.com
Website: www.naikela.com

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